“The Call” Questions


  1. What did you like about my book? (Make sure your visions align)
  2. What changes do you foresee for the book?
    1. Is there a timeline for revisions? 
    2. How long is your average turnaround for reading/notes?
  3. What is your communication style and frequency?
    1. How often will I get submission status updates when we go on sub? 
    2. How detailed will the status be – will I get info which publishing houses and their feedback?
  4. Do you have editors/houses in mind for this project?
    1. How would you pitch it?
    2. How many editors will you pitch in the first round on sub? 
    3. How many rounds do you have in mind?
    4. How do you manage the editor/client relationship? How involved do you want to be in communication between me and and editor?
  5. Can I get a blank copy of the agency contract just to look it over?
  6. Discuss long-term career goals/visions to make sure they coincide
    1. Mention other potential future projects:
      1. If I want to try other age categories?
      2. Or other genres?
  7. How does the agency handle subsidiary rights like audio and film?
  8. Recent or notable sales?
  9. Can I talk to some of your other clients?
  10. At what point would we start discussing my next book idea? How involved do you want to be in the planning/drafting stages?
  11. How will we work together after my book has been sold? What is the plan if this book doesn’t sell?
  12. Can I take two weeks to contact other agents who currently have a query or the manuscript?


  1. Going over what they like about the book, as well as thoughts for the kinds of revisions they’d be looking for
  2. What sort of career path you want, including what authors have the type of career you’re looking for
  3. Which authors influenced your work the most
  4. What sort of agent relationship you’re looking for
  5. Their general submission plan for the book and career/deals up to this point
  6. What sort of time frame you’ll usually need for working on a book (revisions and new projects)