…and it’s writing.

A tipsy discussion of writing craft with D.C. McNaughton and Avery Ames.

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  • November 22nd Mini-Episode (Audio Only): Morally Grey and Unlikable Characters
  • November 29th Mini-Episode (Audio Only): Whoopsie! Our Worst Querying Blunders
  • December 6th Mini Episode (Audio Only): Prologues & Epilogues


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  • Drink Recipes Ep 013
    Both of the cocktails this week highlight Interrobang brand vermouth. The Interrobang (‽) is a punctuation symbol that combines an exclamation point and question mark, appropriate for a discussion of dialogue tags. This episode, we chose drinks that let theContinue reading “Drink Recipes Ep 013”
  • Drink Recipe Ep 011
    Spiced Dai-query For our episode on queries, we made this punny concoction, with a hint of jalapeño for the burn of rejection. 3.5oz light rum 1.5oz lime juice 2oz agave syrup 2-4 slices of jalapeno to taste (can remove seedsContinue reading “Drink Recipe Ep 011”
  • Drink Recipes Ep 010
    For our chat about pitches, this pitch-black cocktail is a delicious accompaniment. Pitch-Black, Short & Sweet 2.5oz Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur 1oz Dark Rum (not spiced) 1oz Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Syrup Optional: black sugar for rim Optional: Luxardo cherry forContinue reading “Drink Recipes Ep 010”

Ep 015: Mini-Ep: Whoopsie! Our Worst Querying Blunders …and it's writing.

We all make mistakes. In today's mini-episode, DC and Avery tell all, sharing some of their most egregious mistakes made while querying.
  1. Ep 015: Mini-Ep: Whoopsie! Our Worst Querying Blunders
  2. Ep 014: Mini-Ep: Morally Grey & Unlikable Characters
  3. Ep 013: ”Dialogue Tags and Action Beats,” he exclaimed!
  4. Ep012: Mini-Episode: Planning Tools
  5. Ep 011: Scary Queries

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