Drink Recipes Ep 010

For our chat about pitches, this pitch-black cocktail is a delicious accompaniment. Pitch-Black, Short & Sweet 2.5oz Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur 1oz Dark Rum (not spiced) 1oz Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Syrup Optional: black sugar for rim Optional: Luxardo cherry for garnish (Optional: rim martini or coupe glass with black sugar) Combine Mr Black, rum, andContinue reading “Drink Recipes Ep 010”

Drink Recipe Ep 004

Drink recipe: Boozy PSL Since we met most of our Critique Partners through NaNoWriMo-related events, which is in November, we’ve made a fall-themed cocktail in summer… an iced Pumpkin Spice Latte. 1.5 oz spiced rum 1.5 oz coffee liqueur  2.5 oz pumpkin spice syrup/puree 1 c sugar 1 c water 1 c canned pumpkin pureeContinue reading “Drink Recipe Ep 004”