Drink Recipe Ep 023

For the “series vs standalones” episode, the drink is a take on “series” with a set of rainbow shots. These are relatively low abv (alcohol-by-volume), since Avery had to drink all six over the course of the episode. If you’re making these for a group to each drink individually, you can swap the ratio ofContinue reading “Drink Recipe Ep 023”

Drink Recipe Ep 021

This week’s drink is a cheeky twist on a margarita base, utilizing ingredients that form a fitting acronym. Lemon Fluff 2oz Vodka ¾ oz curacao 1 oz Lemon juice ¾ oz Simple syrup Dollop of marshmallow fluff (~1-2 tbsp) Granulated sugar (for glass rim)(for extra fun, you can use colorful sanding sugar in gold orContinue reading “Drink Recipe Ep 021”

Drink Recipe Ep 017

This week’s drink is a cheeky twist on a margarita base, utilizing ingredients that form a fitting acronym. S.H.I.T. Cocktail 2.5oz Sour Mix (can buy premade but I used the homemade recipe below) .75oz Huckleberry Syrup 1oz Italicus Bergamot Liqueur 1oz Tequila (Blanco) 1 cup of ice Homemade Sour Mix 1/2c water 1/2c sugar 1/2cContinue reading “Drink Recipe Ep 017”

Drink Recipes Ep 010

For our chat about pitches, this pitch-black cocktail is a delicious accompaniment. Pitch-Black, Short & Sweet 2.5oz Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur 1oz Dark Rum (not spiced) 1oz Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Syrup Optional: black sugar for rim Optional: Luxardo cherry for garnish (Optional: rim martini or coupe glass with black sugar) Combine Mr Black, rum, andContinue reading “Drink Recipes Ep 010”

Drink Recipes Ep 009

For our discussion on short fiction, we crafted this “strawberry shortcake” smoothie. Boozy Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie 3oz cake or donut vodka 1 cup frozen strawberries 4oz milk or plant milk of choice (optional) whipped cream for topping Combine strawberries (still frozen), vodka, and milk in a blender Blend until smooth Optional: top with whipped creamContinue reading “Drink Recipes Ep 009”

Drink Recipes Ep 007

This week, DC and Avery selected drinks that reflected our individual excerpts. Avery chose a mournful, herbaceous twist on the classic Last Word cocktail, while DC did a riff on an old-fashioned. Matcha Elderflower Last Word ¾ ounce gin ¾ ounce green chartreuse Liqueur ¾ ounce ​maraschino liqueur ¼ ounce elderflower liqueur ¾ ounce limeContinue reading “Drink Recipes Ep 007”

Drink Recipe Ep 006

Drink recipe: Zombie Since we’re bringing your work back from the dead in this episode about removing the word “was” and replacing it with something more interesting, we’ve made a deliciously undead drink: The Zombie. This is a well-known tiki drink with a lot of variations, so I’ve borrowed a recipe from renowned cocktail expertContinue reading “Drink Recipe Ep 006”

Drink Recipe Ep 004

Drink recipe: Boozy PSL Since we met most of our Critique Partners through NaNoWriMo-related events, which is in November, we’ve made a fall-themed cocktail in summer… an iced Pumpkin Spice Latte. 1.5 oz spiced rum 1.5 oz coffee liqueur  2.5 oz pumpkin spice syrup/puree 1 c sugar 1 c water 1 c canned pumpkin pureeContinue reading “Drink Recipe Ep 004”

Drink Recipes: Ep 003

Faerie Debauchery: The first drink for this episode relates to the sultry fae party scene read during the episode: For Drink:  1 oz vodka 2 oz chocolate liqueur ¾ oz caramel syrup (the clear-ish kind you get for coffee, like Torani) 1.5 oz milk Hershey’s dark chocolate syrup (optional for garnish) If not making saltContinue reading “Drink Recipes: Ep 003”